World Rowing Cup I

12th – 14th April 2024

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Welcome to Varese !!

We are very proud to welcome again the great World Rowing Family !!

After the last stage of the World Rowing Cup I hosted in 2016 and after the European Rowing Championships 2021 and a double World Rowing Championships U19 & U23 in 2022 and after the last World Rowing Cup II hosted in June 2023 we are pleased to welcome athletes, technicians, managers, staff and spectators to our city for the World Rowing Cup I from 12th to 14th April 2024!!


Host Cities

Varese is located in the northwestern part of Lombardy, on the border with Switzerland. The city rises in the middle of a territory rich in rivers and green hills, large and small lakes with picturesque and picturesque shores, at the foot of the spectacular Massif of Campo dei Fiori which, with its peaks, is part of the Prealps.

The name Varese could perhaps derive from the Celtic word “var” which means “water”, connected to the watercourse that crosses it (Fiume Vellone) and to its proximity to the lake.

The city is located in a strategic place of interchange between Northern Europe and the Po Valley; it was trade that favored its development.

Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Varese became a major tourist destination and its luxurious hotels became famous throughout Europe. Other important sectors for the Varese economy of the time were: tanneries, shoe factories, cotton mills, silk factories, body shops and, above all, the aeronautical industry. So much well-being led to an orderly development of the urban layout of Varese and to the recognition of “Garden City”, for the wealth of large public and private parks.

Regatta Venue

Varese is one of the most popular rowing courses in the world due to its central location in Europe and its consistently fair racing conditions. The local organising committee has already proven its competencies through hosting several World Rowing events, as:

  • 2012 European Rowing Championships
  • 2013 World Rowing Master Regatta
  • 2014 U23 World Rowing Championships
  • 2015 World Rowing Cup I
  • 2016 World Rowing Cup II
  • 2021 European Olympic e Paralympic qualification Regatta
  • 2021 European Rowing Championships
  • 2022 European U19 Rowing Championships
  • 2022 World Rowing U19 & U23 Championships
  • 2023 World Rowing Cup II

After the attribution of the 2016 World Rowing Cup, Varese has start a big investment programme to expand the infrastructure at the venue. A new Building over 1000 sq fully accessible  has been constructed from 2017 to 2019, regularly use as Training Centre for rowers; during the international event will be transformed to accommodate the press room, meeting rooms, information and accreditation center as well as several multi-purpose spaces. This in addition to offering high quality services to athletes, technicians and teem managers will allow the LOC to save important resources by making the events more economically sustainable by reducing the expense of temporary infrastructure hire: perfectly in line with the new IOC directives for organizing major sporting events.

Organising Committee

The international rowing events in Varese are organised and promote by a LOC called:


Composed by:

  • Comune di Varese
  • Provincia di Varese
  • Federazione Italiana Canottaggio
  • Canottieri Varese


PRESIDENT: Davide Galimberti, Major of Varese
VICE-PRESIDENT: Claudio Minazzi, Vice-President Società Canottieri Varese
COUNSELOR: Marco Magrini – President Provincia Varese
COUNSELOR: Giuseppe Abbagnale – President Italian Rowing Federation
COUNSELOR: Mauro Morello – President Canottieri Varese