All the Shenghen passport can enter Italy without VISA.

For extra Shenghen passport please contact LOC at [email protected] for more info at least 6 months before the regatta.

Teams who require assistance to obtain visas for entry to Italy to attend the WORLD ROWING CUP regatta must provide the following information for all team members including rowers, coaches, technical staff, etc… excluding accompanying guests) to the Organizing Committee, specifying the embassy of the city where they will apply:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • passport number
  • passport expiry date
  • name and address of Hotel where they will be staying
  • confirmation that travel, accommodation and medical insurance expenses will be at your own costs
  • arrival and departure dates

A request with all relevant information will beforwarded to our NOC which will contact the Italian Embassy of your Country. A barcode containing a protocol number will be issued when your practice will be successfully forwarded to the Embassy.

On receipt of this barcode you will need to make an appointment with the Italian Embassy in your country and show the barcode and the passports of the concerned people. The visas will normally be issued approximately two weeks later.